Finding Your Inspiration For Dance

Finding Your Inspiration For Dance
By Michelle Blank

What drives us to do crazy things, to test our limits? What drives us to reach our full potential, the madness and craziness that rushes inside of us to succeed?

Everything we do leads back to one beginning -- our inspiration. Whether it comes from history, the people surrounding us, or an inner desire to excel, we are driven to pursue our ambition for success.

We are inspired, whether this means simply getting out of bed in the morning or putting on our dance shoes. Some live to dance, others to run, and others yet to sing, but we are all connected -- by inspiration. Something inside of us ignites at the chance to do more, to become the best, to prove to everyone that we are worthy of this sport. But where does this dedication, desire, and motivation come from?

Legends born from God-given talent, extreme dedication, endless determination, and the desire for success are the ones who are inspired.

Unlike the standard of dancers who begin their competitive careers at age 5, Carmen Vincelj started at 17. Against all odds, her drive to succeed, learn, prosper, and simply become the best, led her to become the nine-time undefeated World Latin champion. She was inspired to thrive.

Having suffered from a blood disease similar to leukemia during her early childhood, Joanna Leunis was driven by the desire to live. Her passion for dance and her breath of life led her to become not only one of the youngest dancers to achieve the title of world champion in Amateur Latin but also one of the most well-known women in the dance industry with a style and unique aura all of her own. Her inspiration was her life, the desire to live. Without this inner fire, she would have never become an eight-time Professional Latin Blackpool champion.

Every day, we are climbing mountains, diving from the sky, dancing for 10 hours, and still we want more. We are crazed, maddened, inspired to thrive with success no matter the hardships, down falls, and failures. We are hungry to prevail, to reach our full potential and test our limits. And maybe, one day, by being inspired by others, we will become an inspiration for many.
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