The History Of Millennium Dance Complex

The History Of Millennium Dance Complex
Labeled Hollywood's hottest dance studio, Millennium Dance Complex (MDC) is renowned worldwide for its top-level instructors and dance program. The LA-based studio has been at the forefront of the dance world for several decades, and its reputation for producing some of the world's best commercial and non-commercial dancers is legendary.

MDC's notoriety has spread like wildfire since the inception of YouTube, as many of the biggest names in dance regularly teach and dance at the the studio. As instructors began posting their class routines online, their videos quickly started amassing millions of views, increasing the popularity of both the instructors and the studio. 

Anything connected to MDC comes with the expectation that it's going to showcase high-level quality dancing. The infamous red and black Millennium wall, serving as the background for these videos, makes it easy to spot an MDC dance video online, pretty much guaranteeing the clip's online success. 

Successful dancer and famed choreographer Matt Steffaina has cultivated over 6 million YouTube followers by making videos of his weekly class at MDC along with video tutorials of each routine. Other choreographers such as Tricia Miranda and videographer Tim Miligram have followed in his footsteps amassing a large number of followers themselves.

MDC was founded in 1992 by AnnMarie Hudson and Robert Baker. The two decided to open the studio after the Moro Landis studio, which Hudson worked for,  approached her about taking over the lease. So on January 6, 1992  MDC opened its doors.

...with 'no money down', hardly any staff and the purchase of eight boomboxes from the drugstore, the future MILLENNIUM was born.
At the time of opening, hip-hop dance was considered a passing fad among many of LA's established dance community. But seeing the style as the expression of the new generation, Hudson choose to mingle the classic styles with this new urban dance style. Her decision to do so would later prove to be groundbreaking genius. 

The studio's first instructors were hired out of pure raw talent. Little did they know that the young dancers walking through their doors would soon become leading authorities in the world of dance today. Some of those young dancers include famed *NSYNC choreographer Wade Robson, "SYTYCD" choreographer Shane Sparks, and Legend choreographer and teachers Dave Scott.

It's been 25 years since the studio first opened, and in that time it has become the leading name in dance talent. Television and music producers around the world look to MDC for talent and insight into what's current and trending in the world of dance. Although the studio has gained mass prestige, it remains humble and focused on its true mission of creating "unity in dance."
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