World Of Dance Ep. 3 Recap

World Of Dance Ep. 3 Recap
Photo: NBC
Dancers from around the world took the stage for the final round of the qualifiers on the third episode of NBC's "World of Dance" on Tuesday night. Contestants are vying for the chance to win $1 million and the title of "World's Best Dance Act."

The judges consist of the oh-so-famous Jennifer Lopez, who is also the producer behind the show, six-time "Dancing With the Stars" winner Derek Hough, and singer/producer Ne-Yo. Judges critique performers who are competing in one of three categories as either juniors (under 18), uppers (18-plus), or teams (18-plus with five or more members). Acts have to manage an average score of 80 or more in order to move on to the next round. 

Swing Latino

First up, we had Swing Latino, an inspiring salsa dance group from Colombia that garnered a score of 89.3 -- the highest of the night. Swing Latino earned their top marks with unbelievable athleticism and flawless execution. They were creative, displayed high energy, and had sparkles for days. 

Evan Igo

Next, 14-year-old Eva Igo performed a powerful contemporary piece with hard hits and mind-boggling contortions. She exhibited an impressive grasp of control and poise, unique to a dancer of such a young age. Her performance earned her a score of 88, advancing her on to the next round. 

The Mihacevich Sisters

The Mihacevich sisters out of Brunswick, Ohio, performed a contemporary piece to Rachel Platten's "Stand by You." While the piece had a heartfelt message, it was somewhat lackluster in execution. which could be due to their young age and lack of experience. However, their performance earned a score of 87, and they will be moving on to the next round.


Expectations were high when the infamous 2008 "America's Best Dance Crew" winners, the Jabbawockeez, took the stage. Although the crew, which headlines its own show in Las Vegas, has undeniable talent and entertainment value, the judges felt the Jabbawockeez's performance was a bit "phoned-in." In response, their scores were lower than expected, earning a 86.7.   


Hailing all the way from the Ukraine, the ballroom couple known as DNA is the second husband-and-wife duo on the show and competed an exciting routine that fused together various ballroom styles. However, their emphasis on power moves instead of grace was apparent to the judges and cost them points as they appeared to lack control and elegance. Their final score was 86.

Young Lions

Last but not least, YouTube star Ian Eastwood performed with this group the Young Lions. Eastwood became a internet sensation for his dance videos and has been touring the world as a choreographer and teacher since the age of 16. His group's performance on Tuesday night was clean but overall a bit dull and uninspiring. But that didn't prevent them from earning a score of 83.7, moving them on to the next round.

There were six other performances that were not televised but were passed on to the next round. Next week's episode will begin the Duel Round, in which contestants go head to head and losers go home. Be there next week to catch the fourth episode of "World of Dance" on NBC at 10 PM ET.
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