SYTYCD Episode 4 Recap

SYTYCD Episode 4 Recap
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Yesterday wrapped up the fourth episode in this 14th season of So You Think You Can Dance and concluded the auditions portion of the show. This seasons auditions where held in only two cities, New York and Los Angeles, a bit of a slap in the face to dancers that couldn't make auditions that far from home. Yes, dancers had the option to audition online, but let's be real, how many dancers got chosen this season from online auditions?? Exactly. Regardless, we all know that the coastal cities are a Mecca for talent and the show still has an impressive swath of incredible dancers for us to go gaga over, so we're still happy.  

Last night we saw the second portion of the New York auditions and it not disappoint. Let's see The Academy worthy auditions from last nights episode. 

Magda and Kiki

Magda and Kiki danced a charged cha-cha last night and although they were together and sharp in their movements, in my opinion they weren't the most entertaining. Their song choice was high energy and pleasing to the crowd but there was nothing that really stood out about them beside the fact that Kiki really didn't speak much and she liked to shake her hand like it was on fire when she danced. But, lucky for them, I am not a judge and Mary loved them so these two are on their way to the academy. We'll see how far they make it. 

Zachary Downer

Zachary is no stranger to this process, having fallen just shy of making it into the Top Ten of SYTYCD season 12. What can we say about Zachary other than "OMG he's a real life shape shifter!" I mean the boy bends and bows in to position so unique and completely captivating it literally made Nigel's jaw draw. He danced a contemporary, african influenced ninja piece, that I am sure only he could of pulled off. Ugh and those extensions, actually never mind that let's talk about that sick ending. #yaaaasss

Ramita Ravi

Next up we saw Ramita Ravi, a seemingly sweet girl who performed a classical Indian routine fused with contemporary. She didn't quite impress Nigel, (although I enjoyed her more than the cha-cha couple). Thanks to Vanessa, Ramita got a pass to the choreography round where she earned a ticket to the academy despite all the haters. You go Ramita, I think you might just surprise us all. 

Arielle Disciascio

This 19 year old danced in honor of her mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. Here killer point and beautiful face made her very likable but as for her dancing the judges were split. She's talented, no question about that, but the judges felt she played it safe and lacked a certain spark in her performance. In the end, Nigel, who wanted to send Arielle to the choreography round, was over powered by the ladies who both voted to send Arielle straight to the academy. 

Romanisons Romain

Romanisons has been on this stage before, auditioning for season 8 of the show. Romanian's story and the emotion in which he dances will pull at the strings of anyones heart. He speaks to the judges about his cousin that pasted away last year in a senseless factory accident, explaining that he had sacrificed so much for him. In honor of his cousin, Romanian dances to Hozier's Work Song. He isn't polished, he lacks technique but man, oh man, you can feel his emotion. That alone did it for me, but it didn't do it for the judges, who gave him a hell of a hard time about his "heaviness". They sent him to the choreography round where he didn't do great, but the judges sent him to the academy regardless, maybe out of remorse for being so hard on the guy in the first place. 

Claire Rathbun

Not to be funny, but this young ballerina is "on pointe". This girl is good. Her extensions, her elegance, and her style where all applauded by the judges. As soon as she finished the judges were literally asking for more. Claire has a big personality and is looking to bring big personality back to dance which could hurt her or work in her favor. As long as she can remain genuine and humble, she has the ability to go far. 

Lex Ishimoto

Hands down the best audition of the entire season and one of the top auditions in the history of SYTYCD. No exaggeration, Lex has everything, every style, and every ability. His audition was hard hitting, leaving no question as to his ability as a hip hop dancer, but his extensions, and height in his leaps where absolutely stunning. He was captivating in every since of the word and the entire audience, including the judges gave him a standing ovation. You can count on this young man making it into the top ten and we cannot wait to watch his evolution. #teamLex 

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